Mexico City (May 28th, 1987).


Graduated from “Escuela Nacional de Danza Clásica y Contemporánea (2002-2006)” (Mexico’s National school of contemporary and classical dance), as a Contemporary dance performer obtaining distinction.


Her passion and commitment have had, an interesting artistic development not only as a performer but also as a choreographer, director and cultural manager. At 29 years old, with a 12 year professional career, Stephanie has been considered by the press as one of the best dancers in Mexico, and is a current  reference in Mexico’s dance landscape.


She began her professional career in 2004 with the work "Polvos de Arena", under the direction of oaxacan choreographer Luis "Sengue" Bravo.


Even as a student, in 2005 she joined the company “Camerino 4” under the direction of Magdalena Brezzo, collaborating with her as assistant choreographer for the play "Agua", with the company Contempodanza; (World premiere at  Palacio de Bellas Artes in July 2005). A year later, also with Camerino 4 she participated in the winning piece of “ XXVII Premio Miguel Covarrubias INBA-UAM 2006” and was given  “the Audience Award” in the 4th International Dance Festival "Red Serpiente" 2007, with Brezzo´s choreography "Chocolate".


Since then, she has been professionally developing as a dancer with several choreographers, some of the most outstanding in Mexico such as as Francisco Illescas, Octavio Zeivy, Arturo Garrido, Esther Lopezllera, Laura Rocha, Alberto de Leon, Jaime Camarena and Victor Ruíz, companies like Camerino 4 (from 2005 to 2008 , 2010 and 2014), Barro Rojo (2008 to 2010 and 2012 to 2014), Eterno Caracol (2010), Fuera de Centro, Fenómeno Escénico (2011), Foco alAire Producciones (2007, 2009 and 2011) and A Poc A Poc (2011 , 2015, 2016); which have allowed her to dance in the main forums and national festivals; as well as in venues and festivals in countries like the United States, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Panama and Dominican Republic.


Awarded scholarship “ FONCA “ of Interpreters Program in the category Young Interpreters in its 1st issue (2006-2007) and support Scenic Creators Category A (2010-2011).


In May 2011, participates with Octavio Zeivy (Foco alAire Producciones) in the reassembly of "Pas de Mission OP 0011" - fragment of the play "Are you really lost -; for Opera Prima reality show on Channel 22.


In October 2014 she receives a tribute-recognition from Barro Rojo in Raul Flores Canelo Theatre, commemorating her 10th anniversary as a professional dancer.


In addition to the above training, practice and retraining as an interpreter, her repertoire includes courses, workshops and master classes with international companies and renowned personalities of dance such as David Zambrano, Adrew Harwood, Phillip Adams and Sade Alleyne Akram Khan.


She has collaborated on various projects with Roxana Valdéz, Carolina Jimenez and Juan Carlos Lopez; and contributed  to the training of emerging choreographers such as Sergio Anselmo, Felipe Landa, Miguel Gamero, Lorena LópezAguado, Jesus Chacon and Edisel Cruz, among others.

Direction of Scene, Manager, Choreographer and Interpreter

Stephanie García

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