Divided in chapters, IN SITU is an intervention where the audience walk around the spaces the intervened venues, to make possible “the reading” of the piece: dedicated moments to the principal worries in the life of a human being, expressed through the body, plastic installations, dance, music, light and video projections are the responsible to make us enjoy the beauty, the anxiety and those feelings that could not be explained in words.

Full-length video

As part of a trilogy that began with TaxDermia (2014), IN SITU is the second artwork dedicated to human horrors, phantoms and shadows that lives in our conscious.


This time, IN SITU talks about individual issues: love, death, violence, money, loneliness, the non sense of life… work that reveals that the only fact is that life is a miracle and that the beauty of being alive, is the only certain that we must have.


Created by: Stephanie García

Assistant Director: Juan Manuel Cano

Choreography and Trainig: Stephanie García


Performers: Angélica Baños, Stephanie García,

Tlathui Maza and Lorena LópezAguado.

Guides: Hugo Martínez and Violeta Romero.

Costumes: Sur Oeste

Stage Manager: Héctor García/ IncredibleDesigns

Lenght: 60 minutes. No intermission.


Additional Info: Aimed to adolescent and adult audience. Inform the audience to wear comfortable shoes.

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"Project supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts"

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