Bringing a real story to the theater, "Close your eyes and see" is the premier opera as a playwright of Hugo Martínez Bolaños, who also directs the staging of the children's audience. Theatrical show that is part of the theater repertoire for children of South West Scenic Art.


Andrea, a 9-year-old girl, does not stop thinking about the phrase she was told when her grandmother died: "She went to heaven." He sets to work and together with his friend Ludovica build a ship that will lift them in a straight line to the sky, so that they can visit their grandmother and Ludovica's cousin who also died a long time ago. Looking for the last components of the ship in an alley full of junk, they meet Sartí, a street girl, who, knowing the plans of the children, hesitates to help them. Soon Sartí decides to visit his grandfather, who is also in heaven, so the three girls discover that when they close their eyes and believe, they can see what they want, they can fly to heaven.


Open spaces
Length: 50 min
Child / Family Work


Direction: Hugo Martínez Bolaños
Performers: Lorena LopézAguado, Stephanie García and Angélica Baños

Director Assistant and Production: Celina Bustamante.


Set design and costumes: Paulette Parra

Performing Scenery: Héctor García / Incredible Designs
Costume Making: Isaías Minó

Full-length video


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"Project supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts"

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