“History is a prophet who looks backwards: in favor of what happened, against what happened, and announcing what will be.” 

Eduardo Galeano




11:11 is a piece inspired by Jane Alexander’s ‘African Adventure’ Tate Modern Art Museum installation. This artwork reflects the anguish, frustration and impotence that the mexican social, economic and politic context is about: where nothing happens, where every year is the same,  every day is the same, every hour and minute is the same… repeated as an infinite repetitive cycle; where is needed to determine if human beings are animals or humans, hunters or preys, victims or victimizers. Where the monotony and passivity means the acceptance to keep playing the defeated’s game.

Sur Oeste Arte Escénico AC*



General Director, concept and choreography: Stephanie García


Director Assistant: Juan Manuel Cano 


Lighting: Javier Rodríguez 


Performers: Fernanda Salas, Hugo Martínez, Stephanie García, Cesar Alamillo, Lorena LópezAguado and Alberto Mora. 


Production: FONCA/ Sur Oeste

Costume Design: Al Mendoza/ Santa Elisa 


LED Lamps Realization: Héctor García/ Diseños Increíble 


Production Assistant: Celina Bustamante 


Music: UNKLE and Nils Frahm.


Photo: Celina Bustamante


Training: Stephanie García 


* Company supported by “México en Escena” FONCA Grant 6th and 7th emission (2015-2017 and 2017-2019). 

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"Project supported by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts"

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Photos: Celina Bustamante